Picking the perfect motorcycle jacket for you

Many people want a cool looking motorcycle jacket to wear while riding around on their bikes. Motorcycle jackets are not just a fashion statement, though; they serve a purpose. A quality motorcycle jacket will protect the rider from road rash and other injuries in the event of an accident, and it also helps insulate them when they are riding in cool weather. There are many things to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket other than comfort and style.

1. Waterproof jacket

hjdhdd874Many people ride their motorcycles only in good weather, but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get caught out in a storm. It is important that you take this into consideration when selecting a motorcycle jacket. It is important to make sure that the motorcycle jacket you are looking at is waterproof. Many motorcycle jackets are waterproof; even some leather jackets have been treated or condition to protect a rider from getting soaked in a rainstorm. Not every rider will need a waterproof motorcycle jacket, but if you ride more than just casually you should consider the weather when looking at motorcycle jackets.

2. Visibility

When looking for a new motorcycle jacket riders must also take into account whether or not the jacket increases or decreases their visibility. It is essential to a rider’s safety that they can be seen by other drivers and the right motorcycle jacket can help make them more visible to other vehicles. Many people don’t like the jackets specifically designed for this purpose, but there are strips and patches that can be added to any motorcycle jacket to help make a rider more visible to other vehicles. This is particularly important to keep in mind when you ride your bike at night frequently.

3. The material

The material a motorcycle jacket is made of is another important factor in selecting a new jacket for riding. There are some materials used to make motorcycle jackets and not all of them appeal to everyone. Most people who ride prefer a leather motorcycle jacket. It seems to complete the experience to ride with a nice leather motorcycle jacket. People who ride sports bikes often prefer the motorcycle jackets made of the lighter weight mesh materials. Choice of material should be based on comfort, style, and durability. Motorcycle jackets can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the jacket that you choose lasts a few years at the minimum.

4. Proper ventilation jacket

hdgd874Motorcycle jackets do serve a dual purpose so it is important that you buy a jacket with proper ventilation so you can wear it year round. It is important that you have good air circulation so that when you ride in the summer months, you don’t overheat. Many motorcycle jackets have ventilation zippers on them so you can unzip parts of the jacket for increased airflow during summer months. The motorcycle jacket you choose should have ventilation zippers on the back and under the arms at a minimum. Additional ventilation features may exist, but it depends on the jacket style and material as to how much ventilation is built in.